The Hotel School

Timeshare Concept

Anshu Kapoor

20th January 2017

The term timeshare has been adopted from English literature, it literally means ‘share of vacation time’ ,which is behind the concept of sharing time in a vacation property – typically a Hotel or a luxury resort- in which multiple parties hold rights to use the property , and each sharer/ member is allotted a period of time. Time share is also known as Vacation ownership. The thought of owning a timeshare sounds appealing.

In India the concept of vacation ownership is picking up with the growing consumer interest and demand for leisure travel ,and with that there is a considerable increase in the awareness in the recent years, accompanied by the favourable disposition towards buying ‘holiday plans’. Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi enhance the knowledge of students by teaching the students new trends in market.

Many people find that they save money by owning a timeshare. One advantage is that the person can lock the future vacation accommodations at today’s prices, and also have an option to rent timeshare space or share it with family and friend.

Unlike hotel rooms, many timeshares are spacious and offer a fully- equipped kitchen, a dining room and a living room when a owner choose timeshare, they pick the amount of space as per their requirement from a studio apartment to a three – or even four- bedroom unit. Owners enjoy a washer and dryer and a home cleaning service and owner are required to pay a yearly maintenance fee to the resort. The Hotel School is among the best Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi which have classes equipped with projector and Power Point Presentation is given to explain more on a topic.

The timeshare is a long term contract concluded between the timeshare property owner and the buyer. According to the specific character of owned interval of vacation time, it is divided into the following:

Fixed - week ownership: The buyer can use the unit for a single specified week every year.

Floating Week Ownership: Units are sold as floating weeks during a specific season or on yearly basis.

Flex – Week Ownership: In this weeks are rotated forward or backward through the calendar, giving the owner a fair opportunity to use prime weeks.

Some of the most popular hotel chains are Marriott, Four Seasons, Hilton, Hyatt, Accor, Radisson and Ramada. Vacation clubs form a specific category in the timeshare industry being represented by large consortia which build, operate and manage a great number of units in different locations. Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi should arrange the industrial visit for students so that students visits these hotel and learn more about the timeshare concept