The Hotel School



21st February 2019

National & international cooperation in the fields of trade, commerce, education & sports have led to a spurt in conference catering, group living & feeding facilities. This has brought people together from different geographical & cultural backgrounds. The exposure of different kinds of food have thus created a longing for specialized catering, for which skills were lacking at home. Catering thus progressed towards specialty services providing a variety of cuisine viz. Chinese, Italian, American, Indian etc

Today the HOTEL INDUSTRY is the backbone of the tourist trade & important foreign exchange earners. THE HOTEL SCHOOL in DELHI offers a wide variety of HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSES to suit one's interest & requirement.

In India, with over 20 million middle-class consumers & increasing number of catering institutes which offers HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSES, the scope of entrepreneurial development holds great promise which also increases employment.

So THE HOTEL SCHOOL in Delhi prepares its students in such a way that they may choose either to work in the industry or to start their own venture. If they choose to work they are given a solid platform by THE HOTEL SCHOOL to work abroad or in some of the finest properties at home.

As the catering industry is flourishing and expanding the requirement of the skilled manpower is also on rise. So this is where The Hotel School play its role in honing the skills of its students & thereby placing them in some of the finest properties abroad or at home.