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Catering Course in Delhi
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Catering Course in Delhi

Catering Course in India

Caterers prepare and deliver food for customers on various occasions. However they need some rigorous culinary training to perform and prepare foods and cuisines in the best possible manner. A certificate or a degree programme in catering management provides a head start for those who are seeking a career in the food and catering industry.

Catering Program

Most companies hire caters with a good amount of experience. Besides, an educational training is also must to reach the top of the success ladder. Candidates can earn certificates, degree in catering, culinary management or hospitality.
Employers generally hire caterers with strong communication skills and the ones who can perform well in the stressful situation. To seek good employment opportunity, applicants must have culinary and catering experience obtained through internships under some expert.

The Hotel School offers various hospitality courses at various levels - undergraduate, post-graduation, diploma and certification course. The certification courses provide students with the basic catering and skills required to work in the hospitality industry. Various certification courses include:
1) Food production and patisserie
2) Sanitation and safety
3) Catering

A two year culinary management programme focuses on food preparation, food service and business philosophies. Students can also go for internship programmes with local catering agencies or other food services, to get the best culinary training. Some of the courses within a culinary management program include:
1) Nutrition
2) Baking And Pastry Art
3) Food purchasing
4) Menu design
5) Hospitality management

Catering Course Duration

The duration of the courses vary depending on the level. If student pursue a Bachelor's degree in catering course, the duration of the course would be three to four years. The duration for Master's degree in hotel management is two years. For a certification and diploma course, the duration of the programme would be 6 months to 18 months depending upon the modules covered in the programme.

Formal Education

To apply for a diploma course a candidate must have passed Class 10th exam from a recognized board with minimum 40% marks. For a bachelor's degree a candidate must have passed Class 10+2 examinations with at least 50% marks. Moreover, to be eligible for a post-graduation management programme a candidate must hold a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with at least 45% marks. If a candidate wants to apply to a certificate programme he/she should have completed minimum eligibility criteria of the programme.

Job Experience in Catering

Most employers hire applicants with several years of experience, while some employers operate their own job-placement and training programs. Catering managers must have 3-5 years of experience along with culinary degree to get placed as catering supervisor.

Licenses and Certifications for Catering Course

The National Association of Catering Executives (NACE), the largest and oldest catering organization in the world, issues professional certification for caterers. Applicants can become Certified Professional Catering Executives (CPCE) after they clear the comprehensive examination, which emphases on seven important aspects of catering industry. Re-certification should be done every five years.

About The Hotel School

There are many catering college in Delhi and Haldwani. These colleges offer hospitality management courses, hospitality courses and catering courses to students willing to pursue a career in catering business. The Hotel School is one of the best institutes for Hospitality / Hotel Management / Catering Courses in Delhi and Haldwani. This institutes is dedicated towards getting internationally recognised as a centre of excilence for Hotel and Hospitality education. This college equips the students with the professionl skills and various attributes required for catering operation in Hospitality / Hotel Management and Tourism industry.