The Hotel School

Check Out

Anshu Kapoor

31st March 2017

Check out is the last face to face interaction between the Hotel and the guest as rightly said “last impression is the lasting impression”. The check out procedure should not exceed more than 5 minute so it is important to be organized before the guest comes to the counter. During this stage if the things go smoothly it will help hotel to get repeat business and positive mouth to mouth publicity.

The check out procedure involves the settling of the bills and collecting the guest room keys before the guest departs from the hotel. The Hotel School which is the Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi help student to understand check out procedure by doing Mock practice.

There are two ways the guest can do the check out one is the counter check out where the guest has to come directly to the counter to proceed the checkout and other is the Express Check out in which the guest can check out from the room itself without coming to the counter, The guest needs to inform the front desk at the time of arrival or the day prior to departure date if he/ she require Express Check Out (ECO). This is the fastest mode of doing the check out as the guest need not to wait at the counter. This facility can be availed by any one only the person need to fill Express check out form along with the credit card authorization form, in which the person authorizes the hotel to charge certain amount on his credit card. There are many Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi but out of them The Hotel School is one of the best institute which offer their students training from Industry expert every month to make they aware of the current trends in the Industry.