The Hotel School

Behavioral Skill Training: The need for using it as a continuous learning tool


4th July 2018

The need to work in the team is very evident and one needs to get acclimatized to different kind of behavioral patterns among the teammates. Most of the time the ego clashes, friction and issues erupt because of factors related to behavioral and personality variables. One of the “Hotel management institute in Delhi” i.e. “The Hotel School” is imparting such training at an academic level for students with their regular subjects. So, it is definitely an eye-opener to ignite a spark somewhere in the minds of the trainees

There are various Hotel Management Institute in Delhi which works on interpersonal skills. Building on emotional intelligence is yet another exercise. To work on handling emotions, to deal with criticism, to give and receive constructive feedback are some of the situations that arise in the real life.

The next phase relates to knowing oneself or self- management. The importance of personality profiling relates to the concept of knowing individualistic attributes, traits, and nature. Modules on “conflict management” can help to some extent.

Some of the training that can be incorporated are as follows: Emotional Intelligence-Interpersonal Needs-Conflict Management-Stress management- the organization should be a learning organization. The component of learning can be incorporated if the workforce develops a habit of learning, relearning and unlearning. Bringing a positive change in terms of attitude, values, and norms is very significant in today’s hyper-competitive world. Training with concrete concepts and provide multiple and varied opportunities for the learner to practice the skills. the learner both why having the skills is advantageous and why not having the skills is disadvantageous