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Food and Wine - Match Made in Heaven

Sanjna Korpal

09 May 2018

Wine has been the most preferred drink with food from centuries. over the year’s connoisseurs of wine have listed out which wines go best with what type of food. There are rules which are framed that are very simple for the beginners of wine and food to follow. There are various Hotel Management Institute in Delhi who gives exposure and training to students on the same but among all institutes The Hotel School, Delhi not only trains and give practical exposure but also puts best efforts and leaves no stones unturned to give quality training on the same.

Pairing food with wine is a very skillful technique which can be achieved by joining Hotel Management Institute in Delhi. In fine dining restaurants you will have a very skilled wine butler or a sommelier that has extensive knowledge on pairing food with appropriate wines. Sommelier is the one who gives suggestions to guest on paring as well.

I want to put in some more focus as to how food can be paired with best wines for better understanding

This might seem like the most elemental of ideas, but for me, the first important principle is simply: Pair great with great, humble with humble. A hot turkey sandwich doesn’t need a pricey Merlot to accompany it. On the other hand, an expensive crown rib roast may just present the perfect moment for opening that powerful, opulent Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Second, match delicate to delicate, bold to bold. It only makes sense that a delicate wine like a red Burgundy will end up tasting like water if you serve it with a dramatically bold dish like curry. Dishes with bold, piquant, spicy, and hot flavors are perfectly cut out for bold, spicy, big-flavored wines. This is why various shirazes are terrific with many “hot and spicy” cuisines.

Not surprisingly, dishes with fruit in them or a fruit component to them—pork with sautéed apples, roasted chicken with apricot glaze, duck with figs, and so forth—often pair beautifully with very fruit-driven wines that have super-fruity aromas. Gewürztraminer, Muscat, viognier, and Riesling.

Saltiness in food is a great contrast to acidity in wine. Think about smoked salmon and Champagne, or Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Chianti. Asian dishes that have soy sauce in them often pair well with high-acid wines like Riesling.

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