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Hotel Rooms

Anshu Kapoor

19th May 2017

Room is a perishable commodity a room not sold on a particular day loses its opportunity to earn revenue for that day. Rooms contribute about 70 % of the total revenue generated by the hotel sale. As it is a said that Hotel is a “Home away from Home “ so to create the best experience for the guest the hotel rooms plays a vital role. The room needs o be comfortable, secured and hygienic. The Hotel School which provides the best Hotel Management Course in Delhi organize the industrial visit for students where the actually look at all the types of rooms. The Hotel School also has an In-house Guest Room for student’s practicals.

There are different types of rooms in the Hotel. The guest book the room according to their preference, need and Budgets.

Double Room:

Room having King size Bed and accommodate 2 people.

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Twin Room

Room having two single bed separated by a table.

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Interconnecting Room

Two rooms having the common door.

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Suite Room

Comparises of two room one is living room and other is bedroom.

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Now a days there are different option of booking rooms in the hotel one can directly call the reservation and can get the room booked. Else there are website through which the room booking can be made by comparing the rates and the facilities of different Hotel. The Hotel School which is known for offering best Hotel Management Course in Delhi educates their students on how to take the guest room booking request.