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20th March 2017

Uniform is a special dress code of a particular specified material, colour & design, given by a company to its employees to show the uniformity between them.

An uniform always reflect the personality of an employee. Almost all establishments set a particular standard for an uniform. Employees in the back of the house should wear a pleasing comfortable uniform which help them to work freely without any hassle like housekeeping & production staffs’ uniforms. Uniforms for the food & beverage & front office staff must not only be functional but also go with the ambience of the hotel. Now a days all most all Hotel management colleges in Delhi offer different uniform designing curriculum in their course material.

In most of the hotel uniform of the hotel employees is taken care by the housekeeping department. Terracot & linen fabric are the most popular choice for the uniform making as both are comfortable & durable. Shirting & suiting material are usually used to make trouser, coat etc. whereas cotton is a good choice to make kitchen uniform as it is less inflammable.

While choosing an uniform points to be remember are:

Appearance & Style

Comfortable to Wear

Pocket Friendly

General Profile of the Employee

Types of Fabric Used

Easily Available etc

Hotel uniform in house-keeping department is the second large expense. Hotel uniform is expensive to replace, and if it is well maintained, correctly laundered, and properly stored its life can be extended. Efficient Hotel uniform and laundry management ensure that the large volume of soiled uniform are washed, and treated so as to look, neat smell fresh, and feel crisp that they are disbursed at the right time at right place. Hotel management colleges in Delhi should also focus on Water conservation, Eco friendly practices etc. as that is the demand of the day. We at The Hotel School try our level best to make students focus on such important topics to develop their managerial skills.