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4th February 2017

A mentor is someone who mentored you the finer aspect of life, someone who encourages you to share your skills & talents wisely & motivate you to value truth above approval. Mentorship is a bond between an experienced & knowledgeable person and a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. A mentor may be an older or younger then the person being mentored but must have a good command on the subject knowledge. Mentorship should be a unwritten deed between two who wants to guide & someone who wants to learn. A mentor can be a support psychologically; can give good carrier guidance if he becomes a idol for a person who is receiving mentorship.

A person who is receiving mentorship known as apprentice or trainee & a mentor referred as a godfather or a godmother. A teacher, father, mother any one can be a good mentor for you because as they always try to guide you in your whole life. Now days almost all Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi offer mentorship to their student to achieve their goal of life.

Mentorship’s has a glorious history, the word mentors itself takes from Greek holy book odyssey .Mentoring starts in Europe has existed till now. Since the 1970s it has spread in Asia. When I was start to write this article I had to survey about this topic within all Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi.

When to consider mentoring:

When a company wants more productivity from the internal resources.

When a company wants to develop a good practice among its new boomers.

When a company wants to create a workforce that balances the professional and the personal

When a company seeking to produce more leader from it’s own internal sources.

When a company try to train & motivate it’s all employee to work for the betterment of the organization.

Role of a Mentor : In 2004 according to Dr David clutter bug an, academics who studied mentorship explain the roles of a mentor in the following manner

A mentor should provide knowledge

He or she should build a good relationship

Offers mutual aspect

He or she always Encourage

He or she should Nurture