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25 February 2018

Depending upon the purpose of the area & surfaces to be cleaned, various types of cleaning are introduced. Every organization follows different sop for cleaning surfaces, once the standard has been decided one should strictly follow the guidelines as cleaning can create an image of an organization. Now a day all most all Hotel Management courses in Delhi include cleaning science chapter in their syllabus as it is very important topic for a new comer housekeeper when he joins the department. Standard cleaning required efficient employee, training & efficient supervision. There may be different standards of cleaning for different surface & areas which are given below:

Physically Clean

When this standard is set, the area or surface is supposed to be free from loose dust & dirt, as when wiped by hand.

Chemically Clean

This standard means that the area should be free from any harmful chemical which can harm surface as well as health of employees.

Terminally Clean

This types of standard of cleaning usual in operation theater, malls, cinema hall & intensive care units in hospitals, where surface should be need to constantly sanitized with all kinds of pathogenic & microbes.

Bacteriologically Clean

To meet this standard, the surfaces should be cleaned from any kind of bacteria viruses, should use disinfectant in adequate quantity.

Entomologically clean

In this type of cleaning standard demand harmful bacteria, & pests should be cleaned from depth.

Osmologically Clean

This cleaning standard demands cleaning of organic & inorganic materials.

Cleaning is carried out for:

1)Aesthetic appeal




Practical exposure given during the Hotel Management Course can help you to learn the basics of cleaning. The Hotel School offers best Hotel Management courses in Delhi where emphasis is given on practical exposure and providing quality education to the students.