The Hotel School

Herbs And Spices


01 May 2017

What makes a Chef famous? The simple answer is Food. As doctor practices medicine a Chef practices food. Their skills, knowledge and command over herbs and spices help them to create new dishes. Food is always better when properly seasoned. You'll enjoy cooking a lot more once you've mastered the herbs and spices and other culinary skills. In fact there are different Institutes located in Delhi which are giving you an opportunity to master in the same field.

One can join Food production Course in Delhi and learn these skills and techniques to become a successful chef. The Hotel School is one of pioneer institution in Delhi NCR which believes in training the hospitality aspirants with the help of modern and well equipped labs by experienced and well trained Chefs.

After hotel, when I joined as a Trainer at The Hotel School for Food Production Course in Delhi, I always tried put all the focus of a student on the basic use of herbs and spices because without commanding over that no one can become a good Chef.

First it is important to understand the difference between Herbs and spices. Herbs are the green, leafy parts of plants. They are most efficacious and flavorsome when used fresh, and they are mostly grown in temperate to hot regions. Spices are derived from any part of a plant that is not a leaf: for example, cloves are flower buds, cinnamon is bark, ginger is a root, peppercorns are berries, cumin is a fruit, saffron is stigmas, cardamom is pods and seeds, and asafetida is a gum. Spices are usually used in small amounts, are best used in dry form (the drying process often enhances the flavor), and mostly grown in subtropical or tropical climates. One single plant can be both herb and a spice. An aromatic seed like dill is a spice, while dill leaves are considered as herbs. However, coriander and parsley roots, garlic and fennel bulbs are all regarded as herbs rather than spices. Dried herbs are best when used with oil (or butter, fat) or water - this infuses the oil or cooking liquid. It is important to crush the herbs with your fingers or sauté them a bit to wake them up. We know that herbs and spices have medicinal values and these help to cure diseases. So if learn their uses its helps in our daily life because without food know one survives and without herbs and spice no food survives.